resistentialism: (騒 im not to be trifled with 霊)
Yomiel ([personal profile] resistentialism) wrote2029-12-02 02:27 pm
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Ghost Tricks

 'Ghost tricks' are powers of the dead. On very rare, specific occasions, someone who dies will gain special powers - Yomiel is one of these people. Most of these powers manifest in the possession of "cores" of objects and beings.

Of known ghost tricks, Yomiel has the following:

☑ Possession/manipulation of objects
☑ Possession/manipulation of living beings
☑ Possession/manipulation of corpses
☐ Time travel (Four minutes before death!)
☐ Object swapping 
☐ Travel over phone lines
☑ Manipulation of multiple cores at once

He also has a core-jumping range of at least (and likely more than) 2.5 meters, and his manipulation is relatively strong.


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